Case Studies

An Author's Voice

Tom Evans
Surrey, UK

For some this even manifests itself as a block that prevents them writing - if this sounds like you then help is at hand.

Many solutions exist for doing semi-automatic speech to text conversion but by far the best text to speech conversion system is another human being.

I had just completed another successful Unleash the Book Inside workshop where at least two attendees expressed this preference and, as if by magic, fell across an excellent online transcription service called WeScribeit on Friday.

Like all these things, I like to test them myself before recommending them to my clients and I did so. What’s a bit surprising and impressive is that it’s Monday morning and I have the results of the tests back already - their service is stunning!

And they do English as well as American!

I tested them out on an audio file with some tricky stuff in it which also uses hypnotic trance which is unfair on anyone trying to concentrate on a cognitive task.

Well, I for one am really impressed and their rates are as impressive as their turnaround.

Thanks to Melody and the folks at WeScribeit for providing yet another excellent resource for authors everywhere.

With specialist MP3 recorders being so cheap and virtually ever new phone being able to record audio, this is a brilliant way to rapidly draft a book.

P.S. I should mention I found WeScribeit on Twitter - if you are a serious author and not on Twitter yet, you are missing out on a whole load of serendipitous contacts.